Giant Jelly [Puzzle]

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[Source: DataGenetics, Pic Courtesy: CREATTICA]


6 responses to “Giant Jelly [Puzzle]

    • That’s correct incorrect.

      • sownthar

        how is that? It should be 2 pounds as of I understand

        • Sownthar – thanks for pointing out that 99 is not the correct answer.

          The initial weight is 100 lb, and the water amounts to 99% of the weight. This implies that the water weights 99 lb, and the non-water part (gelatin?) weights 1 lb.

          After we let some of the water evaporate, the gelatin would still weigh 1 lb. And since gelatin now accounts for 2% of the weight, we get the following formula:

          If 2% = 1 lb, then 100% = ?

          The answer is 50 lb.

  1. After evaporation, let us say the jelly weighs x pounds. We know by the data given that originally, in 100 pounds of jelly, 99 pounds is water and rest 1 pound is actual jelly( whatever you may call it). so, after it has reached 98% of water by weight means: x – 0.98x = 1, which gives x = 50 pounds.

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