Aaja Meri Jaan

This song has been constantly playing in my head for the past several days. It’s from the movie I Love New Year, and is remixed by DJ Phukan. The original tune is by R D Burman who first used it as a background score in the movie Saagar, and then refurbished it for Aaja Meri Jaan. SP Balasubramaniam rendered this kick-ass song in his inimitable style. The new version pales in comparison, but one of the reasons why I like it is because it reminds me of RD’s phenomenal tune and SP’s haunting rendition. The song in Aaja Meri Jaan had more of a jazz flavor to it, while the I Love New Year version relies on simple acoustic guitar riffs supplemented nicely by accordion. Mauli Dave’s singing is okay, and the lyrics border on mediocre (except for that one line that goes ‘Meelon chalen phir humne jaana, koi thikana ghar sa naheen’) but I think overall it’s a decent track. Enjoy!

And here’s the original, terrific track by R D Burman:

[Hat tip: Milliblog!]


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