The United States of Moon

Have you ever wondered how big the Moon would look if it were placed on the ground here on Earth? How much area do you think it would cover? Well, wonder no more. Here’s the US map projected on the surface of the Moon:


I agree with boreboarder8, who created this demonstration, that this does make the Moon appear much smaller than what I had imagined:

It was difficult for me to fathom the size of the moon, thus inspiring the creation of this map. For me, this map puts the scale of the moon much smaller than I previously imagined. But it’s really interesting hearing how others (already grasping the size of the moon) now see the US as larger.

Keep in mind that this is a rough estimation. It’s one thing to try to project spherical earth on a flat map, and another to project a spherical US map on another (smaller) sphere.

[Source: Reddit]


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7 responses to “The United States of Moon

  1. Helena

    It looks like US wants to take moon to them. Everyone knows that USA wanted to “colonizate” planets and etc… oO

  2. I guess we are so habituated to see the US map on one particular sized ‘sphere’ that putting it in any smaller sphere will result in the statement, “this does make the _smaller saphere_ appear much smaller”

    • … appear much smaller than I had previously imagined.

      I should have emphasized those words in my statement.

      • I should have mentioned that ‘we’ does not include you :-p
        I was talking ’bout the common people :-p

        • Ha ha!

          I don’t think I possess any superior sense of proportion (especially when it comes to the heavenly bodies), so please don’t throw me out of the common people’s club! 🙂

          BTW, this reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a colleague. I was explaining to her how the word ‘we’ can often be misleading, especially in a workplace environment. In my mother tongue (Gujarati), there are two distinct words for this: (1) ‘ame’ means we, excluding you, and (2) ‘aapDe’ means we, including you. Like English, Hindi too does not have this level of specificity, as there’s only word for this: ‘hum’. What about Bengali?

          • That’s good to know. There is no such thing in Bengali, either. The Bengali term is ‘amra’ (similar sounding to both ‘ame’ and ‘hum’)
            If it’s there in Gujarati and if it has come from Sanskrit, it must be there in some other Indian languages, too. This gives me something to do for the next one hour 🙂

            • I am sure Sanskrit has that level of specificity (and some more), as it delineates, rather painstakingly, among the first, second and third person pronouns… as well as singular and plural forms.

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