Aao Twist Karein

Over the years, I have expanded my Rubik’s-cube-inspired-puzzle collection by adding several cool variants of the original cube that was made by the Hungarian architect in the late 70’s. My collection of these twisty puzzles now boast a wide variety:

  1. The classic Rubik’s cube,
  2. 30th anniversary limited edition wood cube,
  3. LanLan Diamond (Octahedron) puzzle,
  4. 4×4 Mirror cube,
  5. Dayan V2 color cube,
  6. Meffert’s Gear cube,
  7. 2×3 puzzle,
  8. 2×2 cube,
  9. 1×3 (Floppy) puzzle,
  10. 3×4 puzzle,
  11. Rubik’s Cheese,
  12. Mozhi Tetris block,
  13. 3×3 Mirror cube,
  14. QJ Pyraminx,
  15. another Rubik’s cube (with a silver side instead of white),
  16. 4×4 cube,
  17. another 2×3 puzzle, and
  18. Void cube.

The oldest one among this lot is #15, you can see some stickers starting to wear off. I have yet to solve a couple of these, but my favorite so far is the 3×3 Mirror cube (#13 above). The irregularities in the shape of its 26 “cubies” keeps me busy for at least 10 to 15 minutes every time I play with it. In addition to the irregular shapes, each side has the same color which adds to the complexity and makes it more difficult to solve than a Rubik’s cube.


8 responses to “Aao Twist Karein

  1. jigar doshi

    Nice collection brother. It is been such a long time, I played with one of those. If I remember correctly I twisted number 15.

  2. Like the title of the post! 🙂

  3. A collection worth flaunting! Amazing one, but never too surprising coming from you. Keep it rolling…

  4. Kishore

    Any idea where they are available for purchase in India ? Please mail me..

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