Congress or BJP?

One of my friends asked me few days ago which party I would vote for if I were in India. To that, I want to quote a small passage from a post written by the ace blogger Amit Varma.

I still prefer the Congress to the BJP. This is because the Congress stands for nothing, while the BJP stands for something pernicious. The BJP has, in its DNA, the politics of divisiveness. It is true that the Congress has also played such politics, but out of convenience, not belief. That makes their acts no less heinous, but, in my eyes at least, it makes them slightly less dangerous because there is less chance of things going wrong, of a repeat of 1984 [Anti-Sikh riots] or 2002 [Godhra riots]. 


And yes, rooting for the least worst party (or candidate) sucks but what other options do we have?


3 responses to “Congress or BJP?

  1. Amen! My belief exactly! ALways vot for the least worst party! Unfortunately, I live in Delhi, so the choice is between the two. I used to be in Hyderabad earlier and voted for the TDP. But did not vote for them in the parliamentary elections as they were with the NDA. I would have loved to be back in AP this time around so I could vote for Lok Satta.

  2. Vishal

    Yeah, Lok Satta looks very prudent and promising… but I don’t want to start “blowing their whistle” yet because (in addition to my limited knowledge about their work and manifesto) they are quite new and only time will tell if they remain unspoiled after gaining momentum/power.

  3. I agree they are new and “virgin”, but I have been tracking their progress for four or five years now and they have made significant strides. However, I’m realistic about their chances – which might even be zero – of having MLAs in the assembly this time around. I in general support the “Greens” political movement, and this comes closest to that in the Indian context.

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