Dasavatar and Evolution

Do you think that the ten avatars of the God Vishnu (as per the Hindu Puranas) loosely resemble the living creature’s journey from a primitive organism to a fully evolved spiritual human being?

  1. Matsya: the fish, (first living creature in water)
  2. Kurma: the tortoise, (making a transition from water to land)
  3. Varaha: the boar, (living completely on land)
  4. Narsimha: the half man, half lion (making another transition from animal to human)
  5. Vamana: the dwarf man, (an “under-developed” human)
  6. Parasurama: the warrior (a hunter-gatherer, violent human),
  7. Rama: the ideal ruler with strict adherence to dharma, (a civilized, family man)
  8. Krishna: a model lover, and as another one of his famous names (Govinda) suggests: a protector of cows (indicating a farming community?),
  9. Buddha: the enlightened/spiritual one, and
  10. Kalki: a metaphor for time/eternity.



5 responses to “Dasavatar and Evolution

  1. Pranav

    Where do you find all these things?

    Constructive way of spending time.

    Jai Ho

    – Pranav

  2. Vishal

    I find these things in the realms of my mind’s curious imaginations – especially when exposed to extreme Sunday levity! 🙂

  3. LOL !! Yes the hindu idea of evolution !! 🙂 With buddha a later addition even though he was an atheist/agnostic. Maybe these 10 avatar list *is* right and atheists *are* more evolved than believers.

    Btw, I wonder why aren’t there more transitional avatars? I assume your post was meant as humor but you can take a look at this chart to see how far off this is from true evolution.


    Darwin must be turning in his grave 🙂

  4. Vishal

    Yeah, this post was not meant as a serious reflection on the Hindu beliefs, but merely a ‘hey, have you noticed this wacky resemblance before?’ kind of banter.

    Thanks for that link, I hardly understood the intricate details on the chart though…. Let Darwin say what he wants about how we evolved, I am going to stick with the simplified version of evolution (i.e. the dasavatar)! 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Parasurama is the hunter gatherer … Sri Rama is a tribal chieftian … Balarama is the agriculturist … Krishna is the politician and Kalki is the fusion of man and machine

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