Jodhaa Akbar disappoints

Just watched Jodhaa Akbar yesterday. It was disappointing. Stunning landscapes, spectacular forts, beautiful costumes and commendable acting by Hritik couldn’t save the story and screenplay which lacked a cohesive thread. The story kept swinging back and forth between a historical anecdote and a love affair. And ended up doing full justice to neither. The extras (in battle scenes) seemed to be hugely underpaid (even more so than those in Mahabharata!). Action scenes were lousy. Overplayed melodrama and lack of humor made the 3+ hours almost difficult to endure.

The movie had its moments, but there were very few.

I didn’t like the execution of Khwaja Mere Khawja song. An emotional devotion was either missing or half-heartedly performed.

If you must, watch it for (a) ARR’s background score, (b) Hritik’s acting (and flexing!) skills, and (c) astounding visuals. 


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