Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich

Although I am not a conservative, as a libertarian my favourite presidential candidate is the Republican representative from Texas: Ron Paul.

I definitely don’t agree with all of his plans and policies (that I know of). Also he might be too old and doesn’t look like the “strong leader” that US is looking forward to have as a President, but I think Paul is the candidate whom I dislike the least. As one of the South Park episode has succinctly put: you have to make a choice between a Giant Douche and a Turn Sandwich!

Here’s a snapshot of some of his beliefs and actions:

– He opposes, and have always opposed, Iraq war.
– He wants USA to be out of UN and other such international groups.
– He believes in: Abolishing Federal taxes, dismantle Federal reserve and get back to god-backed currency.
– He supports Gun Ownership.
– He says no to US interventions in other country’s internal affairs.

Here’s a link to his web-site:

Giuliani, Romney and McCain are currently the forerunners at Republican presidential nominee race, but it looks like none of these candidates can win an election against Clinton. In fact, any Republican presidential candidates seems very likely loose election against Clinton.

Senator Clinton, who is considered a socialist by many people now, wants the Government to “take over” Health Care system. It looks like by increasing taxes, she would go on a spending spree if elected as a President. She must be stopped! But unfortunately if looks like no one will be able to do that.

I am not a US citizen, so I don’t vote here, but being in this country for several years, I have my emotional investments in next year’s presidential election.


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