Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A real page-turner, nail-biting read. J K Rowling’s ability to keep you wondering about what’s gonna happen next, while constantly entertain you with such magical events and drama is really amazing. There’s a lot of underlying family and friendship drama here on almost every page. But overall, the theme of this last installment is – death. It’s a “dark” novel – which is quite apparent once you read the first page of this book – a couple of small poems about death. First chapter starts with blood in Harry’s hand.

By the way, when Harry and Hermione are in the forest, a deer comes to their tent to distract and allures Harry to follow her, away from the tent. This reminded me of an event in Ramayana when Ravana come as a disguised deer to the hut where Ram, Laxman and Sita are living. Is it possible that Rowling might have taken some inspiration from Ramayana?

Anyways, it breaks my heart when I finished reading this novel – knowing that Harry Potter is not going to come back – there won’t no waiting for the next book in Harry Potter series. It’s like a part of your childhood, gone forever. You loved it while it was there, and you are going to pine for it for the rest of your life. But alas, it will never come back.

Harry Potter, I am going to miss you!


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